About Us

WHY we do what we do:

In an ever changing world, one constant remains – the need to connect the dots between a desire to improve lives, and actual progress. With a special interest in Education, CONECTRA’s vision is to become the change agent for educational and humanitarian organizations – taking the guess work and anxiety out of planning, and by setting you free to do what you do best, together, effect change in the lives of individuals and as a society.

WHO we are:

CONECTRA is a global conference consulting firm. We provide high-end, full life-cycle conference solutions for multi-day conferences. CONECTRA also offers consulting services for small businesses and start-ups.

Our core values are customer service above all, honesty, respect and integrity, a culture of excellence and obsessive attention to detail.

WHAT we do:

Our business model focuses on YOU – your vision and your desired breakthroughs, with CONECTRA’ strategies and business methodologies bridging the gap between both. Let us set YOU apart, on time, and on budget.